Appointed Committee Chairpersons

Office Name
Convention Chair Joan Koechig
Legislative Barbara Stone, PNP
GAR Scholarship Rebecca Rostrom
Administration Forms Ellen Higgins, PNP
Budget Jan Rynerson
Bylaws Patricia Blackmer
Badges and Medals Carole Morton, PNP
Convention Guidelines Sherry Harbal
Convention Sites Norma Fiedler
duvs Lauri Warmack
duvs Projects Lauri Warmack
Educational Activities Carole Morton, PNP
Electronic Communications Ellen Higgins, PNP
Fraternal Relations Ginger Trockey
Gallaudet University Awards Lynne Dolan
Historic Preservation Carole Morton, PNP
Long Range Planning Barbara Metzger
Membership  Margaret Stromberg
Officers Handbook Ellen Higgins, PNP
New Tent Procedures Janet Uribe
Publications Sandra Millin
Real Daughters Sandy Vogelpohl
Resolutions Pat Blackmer
Ritual Barbara Stone, PNP
Southern Memorial and Wreath Verna Maleski
State Veterans Homes Susan Berry
Courtesy Resolutions Kayla Reed
Officers Reports Barbara Stone, PNP
Resolutions Patricia Blackmer
Convention Advisor Ellen Higgins, PNP


PNP = Past National President